Have you ever tried to imagine what you and your spouse will be like in 10, 20, even 30 years?  It’s almost impossible to imagine how much you’ll change or what the future may hold in store for you.  I know my husband and I had no clue when we got married that we would face some of life’s most difficult challenges.  Almost every married couple will have some type of issues that surface during the course of their marriage, and it’s learning how to handle those situations that will make or break a relationship.

During my pre-marital communication class we’ll explore how to build good communication skills, how to deal with anger and forgiveness, build strength in your relationship so you bond closer together in times of crisis rather than pull apart.  We’ll discuss common issues such as personal expectations, roles and responsibilities, finances, family history, even sexual expectations, many of the issues that cause values collisions that often divide couples.

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